Murry and Pat

Grigsby Genealogy is the family history from 1872 through the present of the Grigsbys using old family photos and text that have been compiled by my brother, Bill, and myself. It's fun to see how times have changed even if you don't know the people in the pictures.

Photography by Murry Grigsby: I have been shooting photos for sixty plus years and still get a kick out of creating a new view of this wonderful world we share. I hope you enjoy the images?

Digital Darkroom: When I look at certain photographs I get an urge to go beyond the realism captured and manipulate them into computerized images. I hope you enjoy the extended vision.

Quilts by Pat Grigsby: Pat has made hundreds of quilts for family and friends in addition to donating many to people that need a little extra comfort in their lives. I hope you enjoy the beauty she creates with fabric and thread.